New book horizons

I loved working with Eberhardt printing  in Portland to produce the offset edition of Zosan. However, the idea I’ve been working on I think would be better at a larger, squar-ish size and his Ryobi 3302 press can’t accommodate. So, I did a little research and voila, I found a printer local to Ann Arbor that can print a trim size as large 8.5″ x 11″, so 8″ x 8.5″ will work perfectly (I have another book I designed in this size and I think it’s pretty ideal)

This is bodes well for the idea I have forthcoming, I really wanted to push the size of the book a little larger and square to let the illustrations breathe more.

The big unknown right now of course is the cost. It was clearly be more than Zosan because of the physical size but at probably 44 pages it shouldn’t be breaking the bank. Since I’m probably going to reserve color for the letterpress (yes, my dream is also make a letterpress — with some color!) one color will suffice for offset and keep costs down.


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