When I started this endeavor, it was a song that inspired a series of illustrations. That morphed into a full blown story with new illustrations and an audiobook. I’m doing all of these among a full time job and two young kids… so, suffice it to say, it’s been a challenge to stay on the boat!

Will this thing be done after the kickstarter is complete?
I’d love to say yes, but it won’t be. The illustrations are done, the story is 99% written, but the reality successful funding means that the production begins.

The only thing I can deliver almost immediately is the digital download of the book. I’ll be working on that throughout the campaign, and can set up download codes for recipients. So maybe within a week or two I can have that ready for everyone. There’s a possibility the book might change before the print production has started, in which case everyone will receive a new download code with the new version.

What about the printed versions?

I’ll start working with Clare at Tiger Food Press and Charles at Eberhardt to get the pages properly laid out for printing. I’ll start production of giclee prints, and compile the list of funders and what they’re receiving.

Production of the letterpress book will take a while: it has to laid out, plates made, prints created (over 800 impressions by hand), then shipped to me to deliver to the bindery. After the books are bound they can be shipped to everyone.

The offset book is slightly less complicated. All the printing and binding are done by Eberhardt printing and then books are shipped to me for distribution.

What about the Audiobook?

The audiobook won’t be done until the books are ready for shipment. I could rush it, but I’d rather take the time to make the most of it. There’s editing, music, sfx — it’s a involved process to create! And again, being electronic, if I need to release an update, I’ll generate new download codes for everyone.

Hopefully this sets everyone’s expectations… you’ll definitely be able to read the book in electronic format soon after the campaign, but everything else will take some time to bake.


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