CDs are dead. Not.

The primary reason I chose not to initially offer the Zosan Audiobook on physical media was my own convenience. I knew there would be changes, updates and there was no way I wanted to lock myself into a box of 1000 CDs with a version of the audiobook that I would cringe every time I listened to it. There just wasn’t a way to get to that point in time to deliver.

But now that all that dust has settled, I finally found myself wanting a physical CD. I thought too, that the digital download might be simply more convenient for everyone else, but it seems that CDs are not dead yet — like the book itself, people are responding to something they can hold and see and experience directly. That alone gives the thing so much more worth.

So I went ahead and created some. They do look good, and they’ll be a better way of giving the audiobook presence when I show people the book. I may actually go through the trouble of printing and a bunch of them blank just so I can burn them on demand — and in case I ever update the audiobook again (not entirely out of the question) I’ll be able to always have the latest.IMG_3372

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