Audiobook Revision

I’ve been listening to the audiobook constantly since I released it, not out of sheer egotism but partially because my kids wanted to hear it a lot for several weeks and so I started to hear things I wanted to change about it.

I finally bounced a new version, and while it’s not dramatically different, it succeeds in many key points because it abridges the text. When I started I was particularly adamant about the audiobook being “unabridged” for some reason that I’ve since forgotten. I eventually realized that a lot of the writing was redundant when listening, so I edited those parts out and retimed things to better fit. The result in some of those spots in a much better, more believable flow of dialogue, without the narrator’s voice always poking in and out.

Also cleaned up were some breaths in the narrator track. I’m not completely opposed to the inclusion of natural breathing entirely but I find having it deliberately taken out helps the flow as well.


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