A reader suggested the not so crazy idea of animating Zōsan. Animation, among other things, is an interest of mine. Not so long ago I was spending nights on a big drafting tabling crafting silly random stop motion animations using Crude materials and for a short while doing daily 30 second animations using a whiteboard and a web cam.

Friends and I would spend an entire evening planning an elaborate show of inanimate objects coming to life and by 3am the whole thing had devolved to a chaotic get highly satisfying clip.

And years ago if I wasn’t making silly little flip books using whatever random  notepad I could get my hands on, we would make stop motion films using an old VHS camcorder and whatever was at hand.

“The animation of inanimate objects” was created with quick, if inconsistent, toggling of the recording trigger. The results were dark, grainy, and poorly white balanced but this was 1991. From watching Will Vinton and Nick Park, my friend an I had always dreamed of doing something grander.

More recently I was able to do some traditional 2d animation at work which I found extremely satisfying. The bug had bitten me again.

The great thing is, with today’s tools and computers this sort of thing for Zōsan doesn’t feel too far out of reach. I have Toon Boom Harmony, and tools that would make it possible to do it all digitally.

Of course, don’t expect anything any time soon. The road to something final would be long, and filled with false starts and turns, but if it didn’t stop a certain little elephant I don’t see why that would stop me.


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