Offset Books Done!

The offset book was not merely an afterthought of this whole endeavor, though admittedly the primary goal was to be able to print it letterpress. Regardless, the offset books are absolutely beautiful in their own right. They certainly had their setbacks, twists and turns, but thanks to Charles at Eberhardt printed, problems were surmounted and new and creative solutions discovered.

Embossing is Awesome 

The dust jacket was one of those things. I didn’t set out with that idea; but Charles sold me on it because we could emboss it and make it just as tactile as the letterpress. Also it turned out we had issue with a flood color on the inside cover, but instead we reprinted the entire cover design on the inside (in 2-color!) and I even redesigned it in the process, making it even better.

Unlike the letterpress, the illustrations are full bleed, which lets them take over the page. In my mind that was an excellent compromise for not having the depth of a letterpress print.

Both letterpress and offset are, ultimately, everything I wanted them to be. You can tell just by looking at it that it’s special. It’s not glossy and shiny, desperately seeking attention in an already crowded children’s bookshelf. It quietly presents itself just as it is.

And it is wonderful.


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