“Perhaps I imagined the whole thing…”

So this journey is coming to a close. The books are scheduled to be in my hands this week, both letterpress and offset. I’ll be spending the week wrapping & packing them all. They won’t be in people’s hands before the holiday, but the arrival is imminent and they’ll be delivered before the month is over.

In some ways I don’t want this to be over. It was just a little over a year ago that I approached Clare about the vague possibility of making this book letterpress, and here we are. It’s a real thing, and even better than I ever thought at the outset.

Not sure what’s next. I enjoyed making the audiobook immensely, and my kids adore it. I could easily do more of that, so I suppose it’s time to start writing more so as to have something to turn into an audiobook. But I’ve been toying with the idea of collaborating with a writer to allow me to focus on the illustrations, which I think would be just as satisfying and perhaps a bit less intense. There will always be the possibility to write and draw, but only working on one might be even better.

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